GB 7063-94 introduction

GB 7063-94.The title is The wheel guards of motor vehicle.The National Standard of the Peoples Republic of China.
This standard specifies the technical requirements for the wheel guards of the motor vehicle.
This standard applies to motor vehicles of categories M1.
Wheel guards:
Mounted over a wheel, the wheel guards can prevent splash and stone throw from the running wheel, they can be either an independent unit or a part of vehicle body.
The motor vehicle must be provided with wheel guards.
3.2 the wheel guards must be so designed as to protect other road users, as far as possible against thrown-up stones, mud, ice, snow and water and to reduce for those users the dangers due to contact with the moving wheel.
The wheel guards must be firmly attached, in the case the wheel guards consisting of’ several components. no gaps exist between or within the individual parts when assembled.
The wheel must meet the following requirements when the vehicle is positioned in the horizontal road, and in kerb mass, with its wheel on the position of straight running.
a. in the part formed by radial plane at an angle of 300 to the front and 500 to the rear of the center of the wheel (see Fig. 1), the overall width of the wheel guards Q must be at least sufficient to cover the total width ‘. in the case of twin wheels, the total width over the two tyres shall he taken into account
Note: tyre width shall be the maximum width specified or recommended by the manufacturer, not including the brands, remarks decorations and protective bands and ribs.
b. The rear of the wheel guards must not terminate above a horizontal plane 150 mm above the axis of rotation of the wheel (as measured at the wheel centers) and furthermore the intersection of the edge of the wheel guard with this plane (point A, fig. 1) must lie outside the median longitudinal plane of the tyre, or in the case of twin wheels the median longitudinal plane of the outermost tyre.
a. The depth (P) of the outer edge of the wheel guards, measured in the vertical longitudinal plane passing through the centre of the tyre, must be at least 30mm. This depth Q may be reduced progressively to zero at the area specified in 3.4a.
b. The distance C between the lower edges of the wheel guards and the axis passing through the centre of the wheels must not exceed 2r.”r” being the static radius of the tyre.
In the case of vehicles having adjustable suspension height, the whole requirements specified in clause 3 must be met when the vehicles in the normal running position specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
The wheel guards must be certified that at least one type of snow chain can be used on the vehicle.

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