AS 2898.2-2003 standard introduction

AS 2898.2-2003.Radar speed detection Operational procedures.
This Standard was prepared by Standards Australia Committee CS-068. Radar Speed Detection, to supersede AS 2898.2—1992. The initial request for the Standard was submitted by the Australian Automobile Association which wished to see the procedures for using radar speed detection devices formalized in a public document.
In preparing this Standard, cognizance was taken of Model Perfirniance Specifications for
Police Traffic Radar Devices, published by the US National Highway Traffic Safety
This Standard specifies the procedures to be followed when using devices which comply with the requirements of AS 2898. 1 to measure the speed of target vehicles for the purpose of law enforcement or scientific measurement. It does not purport to be an exhaustive set of requirements for the metrological aspects of speed measurements by means of doppler radar. The establishment of such requirements falls within the area of’ responsibility of the National Standards Commission (N SC) rather than Standards Australia. The Committee was aware of 01 Ml. R9 1 Radar equipment fr the imleasuremneni of the speed of vehicles, which sets out comprehensive metrological requirements and may be endorsed by the NSC for use in Australia.
This Standard has been prepared to take into account the state of the art of radar speed detection in Australia at the time of publication.
This Standard is not intended to inhibit further advances in radar speed detection technology. The Committee will consider amending the Standard to include suitable requirements for new types of equipment as they become available.
The term “norrnative” has been used in this Standard to define the application of the appendix to which it applies. A bnormative appendix is an integral part of a Standard.
This Standard sets out the procedures to be followed when using a radar device to measure the speed of a target for law enforcement or for scientific measurement.
The objective of this Standard provide operational requirements for radar speed detection devices and training of rs of such devices in order to ensure uniformity of practice in their use.
This Standard is applicable to the use of radar devices complying with AS 2898.1.

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