AS 4744.1-2000 standard details

AS 4744.1-2000.The title is Steel shoring and trench lining Design.
Shoring and trench lining systems are intended for use in temporary works to protect the workers and the works from the effects of any trench collapse.
This Standard covers steel shoring and trench lining equipment because most shoring systems in use are steel. Very few shoring systems in the industry are made of other materials like wood, aluminium and fibreglass and, because such systems behave so differently to steel and require different design considerations, they were considered to be a different topic. Thus, shoring systems made of other materials were excluded from the Scope of this Standard to expedite the publication of this document.
This Standard specifies the requirements for steel shoring and trench lining systems assembled completely from prefabricated components. It includes requirements for the design, construction and intended use of such systems.
This Standard applies to all new shoring and trench lining systems. All systems shall comply with this Standard within 24 months of the publication date of this Standard.
Trench lining systems are intended for use in temporary works to protect workers and the works from the effects of any trench collapse or ground movement or both.
Drawings presented in this Standard are for illustrative purposes and are not intended for use as engineering drawings.
Manufacturers shall keep tip to date records of all trench lining system components that have been manufactured and shall keep records of conformity of materials used.
For the purposes of this Standard, the definitions below apply:
1.7.1 Characteristic system resistance (Rk)
Ultimate resistance to an external load of a complete assembly of components of a trench lining system.
NOTE: This is the key value for the tench lining system in a particular configuration. The value will be controlled by the weakest component used.
1.7.2 Connecting point
Point for connecting base panels to top panels, top panels to top panels and slide rails to
slide rails in a vertical direction.
1.7.3 Connector
Unit that forms the connections between the lower and an upper module or between two upper modules.
1.7.4 Cutting edge
An edge of the panel that comes into contact with the ground, which is designed to aid passage of the panel during installation of the shoring system.

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